Copper Earrings; Wire Wrapped with Flair Design (E114)


Crazy Lace Agate Dangle Earrings; Diamond Design Series (E109)


Blue Lace Agate Dangle Copper Earrings; 3 Spiral Woven Wire Wrapped Earrings (E105)


Rose Quartz Dangle Copper Earrings; Woven Wire Wrapped (E104)


Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings; 4 Spiral Wire Wrapped Woven Earrings; Gift for her (E103)


Jasper Copper Earrings; 5 Swirl Woven Wire Wrapped Earrings (E108)


Ocean Jasper Dangle Earrings; Copper 5 Swirl Wire Woven Wrapped Earrings (E107)


Rose Quartz Heart Copper Dangle Earrings (E101)


Rose Quartz Heart Dangle Earrings; Wire Wrapped Woven Earrings (E102)


Handmade Wire Wrapped Woven Jewelry and More

If you see a design that you like, but would like it in another gemstone color or metal (copper, silver, or gold) please contact me and let me know by using the letter and number in the parenthesis that you can find behind the item that you like. Or I can design something new for you too. I have a wide variety of different colors and sizes of gemstones to choose from or you can provide your own.