Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115)

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Product Description

A beautiful oval Lapis is woven in copper with a light patina giving the copper a rich antique look and accented with my personal style of swirls that I love to do. This piece measures 2 1/8” tall x 1 1/4” wide x 3/8”. I have given the copper a light patina (and sealed) so that the copper complements the gold flecks in the Lapis. “This historical stone has a name closely associated with its intense color. Its name was derived from the Latin word “lapis” meaning “stone”, and from the Arabic and Persian word “lazaward”. Today Lapis Lazuli is still considered to be one of the most important opaque blue gemstones available.” It is only found in the mountains Afghanistan which adds to its high cost.

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-Natural semi-precious gemstones are not always perfect. They may have surface and/or internal characteristics and variations. I am not the lapidary artist (I don't cut the gemstones).

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-I recommend removing your jewelry before showering, bathing, using household cleaners, chemicals, or essential oils; doing manual jobs like gardening or washing dishes and applying lotions. Please do not use jewelry cleaners on this jewelry. You will damage the patina (if copper) and/or gemstone. You can wash your piece (except pearls) in mild dish washing liquid like Dawn and warm water.

-Please note that the wire weaving and wrapping of semi-precious gemstones hardens the wire, but care must be given to your piece. Please don't place your jewelry loose in your purse or pocket without protection for it could be damaged and bent. All wire can bend under the right circumstances. Follow the care and storage instructions for a long-term enjoyment.

-If the copper leaves a discoloration on your skin, this is natural and can be removed with an alcohol make-up remover or it will fade with time. You can also paint the backside of your piece with clear nail polish to help prevent this discoloration. Try not to paint the gemstone. You may have to reapply the clear nail polish depending on how often you wear your piece.

Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115) Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115) Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115) Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115) Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115) Lapis Lazuli Copper Pendant; Woven & Wire Wrapped Pendant (P115)

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I have been designing and making jewelry for over a decade. I love using wire wrapping techniques and colorful semi-precious gemstones along with other pearls and other artwork. I take special care making sure each piece is perfect. Please stop by often as I will be adding new items to my shop. I hope you enjoy my wide array of designs as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.